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Information about the Institute

Russian version

Логотип ИИЯЛ

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Institute of Foreign Languages
and Literature

Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya st., 1
Building 2
2d floor
Room 316
Tel. +7-3412-916-179
E-mail: inyaz@udsu.ru

Our professional faculty and staff comprise a dedicated team committed to the mission of the University.
IFLL strategic tasks are carried out not only through the activities involved around faculty curriculum but
also through work in partnership with different European and AmericanUniversities.

UdSU has linkage agreements with a number of universities and partners with both local and international benefits.
IFLL develops opportunities for students to experience cross-cultural learning in a modern educational environment
and puts special emphasis on crossing borders to drive international contacts.

Higher Education

  • Philology

    Degree - Bachelor of Philology
    Languages - English, German, French
    Form of study - full-time (state-maintained and fee-paying)
    Period of study - 4 years

  • Linguistics

    Degree - Bachelor of Linguistics
    Languages - English, German, French, Spanish
    Form of study - full-time (state-maintained and fee-paying)
    Period of study - 4 years

  • Translation and Translation Studies

    Qualification - `Linguist. Translator/Interpreter.`
    Languages - English
    Form of study - extra-mural (fee-paying)
    Period of study - 5,5 years

A Life-Long System of Learning Foreign Languages

  • School for 5 - 10 Year Old Children `Lingua`
  • College of Foreign Languages for 10 - 14 Year Old School Children `In-Yaz`
  • School for Young (15 - 16 Year Old) Translators
  • Courses for School-Leaners (15 - 16 Year Old) Seeking Admission
  • Higher Education
  • Second Higher Education
  • Qualification Improvement Courses for Teachers of Foreign Languages

Research Interests

  • Humanization of Philological Education (theory and methodology, socio-cultural and technological aspects)
  • World Literature Development (comparative studies, hermeneutics, gender studies, American studies)
  • Language Education in a Multi-Language Poly-Ethnic Region
  • Language Map of the World
  • Comparative Typology Language Studies
  • Translation as an Inter-Language and Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Didactics of Higher Linguistic Education
  • Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners
  • Socio-Cultural Adaptation in the Process of Foreign Languages Acquisition
  • Research and Methodology Foundations of Supplementary Language Teaching
  • Study Skills Development
  • Monitoring the Quality of Language Education

International Contacts

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