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The Department of German Philology

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The Department of German Philology

Universitetskaya str.1,
Build. 2, Izhevsk,
426034, Udmurt Republic, Russia.
Tel.:+7 (3412) 916-173
E-mail: nina@pils.uni.udm.ru

Institute of Foreign Languages
and Literature

Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya st., 1
Building 2
2d floor
Room 316
Tel. +7-3412-916-179
E-mail: inyaz@udsu.ru

Платоненко Н.М.

Platonenko Nina Mikhailovna, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Grammar and History of English

The Department of the German Language, one of the oldest departments of the IFLL (the Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature) was established in 1941 at Udmurt State Institute to train specialists in Romance and Germanic Philology with a qualification `Philologist. Teacher. Translator / Interpreter`.

After changing the status of the Institute in 1971 it was transformed into Udmurt State University, the department was renamed into the Department of German Philology.

Today the educational process conducted by the Department falls into two professional educational programs: `Philology` and `Linguistics and Crosscultural Communication. Translation and the Theory of Translation.` Graduates are accordingly given the following qualifications: `Philologist. Teacher.` and `Linguist - Translator / Interpreter`.

The teachers working in the Department constantly improve their teaching skills, they take an active part in all-Russia, regional, republican and University scientific conferences, carry on research work on linguistic problems and the problems of crosscultural communication, supervise students` research work. The main research interest of the department is `Language and cultural socialization of students in the process of professional training.`

Each member of the staff is also engaged in some individual scientific research.

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