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The Department of Grammar and History of English

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The Department of Grammar and History of English
426034, Udmurt Republic, Russia
Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya str.1
Building 2,
Phone:+7 (3412) 916-172
E-mail: Pushina@pils.uni.udm.ru

Institute of Foreign Languages
and Literature

Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya st., 1
Building 2
2d floor
Room 316
Tel. +7-3412-916-179
E-mail: inyaz@udsu.ru

The Department was founded in 1968, the present Head of the department is Pushina Natalia Iosifovna.

The professors deliver lectures in 19 academic subjects in the system of Specialist, Bachelor Education (qualification in "Foreign philology", "Multilingual Studies", "Linguistics" - profiles of "Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication" and "Theory of teaching foreign languages and cultures"), including extra-mural department. In 2011, the department began to develop and administer the profile of „Theory and practice of intercultural communication" (“Linguistics”).

The department has been actively involved in career-oriented work, trying to expand and diversify the range of techniques and forms of career guidance, working closely with such institutions as schools, lycee. The Department prepares graduate students, applicants for scientific specialty "Language Theory."

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