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German Resource Centre

The German Resource Centre was founded in 2012 with the support of The German Cultural Centre of Goethe-Institute Moscow and The Robert Bosch Stiftung within the program «To learn German – to think about future».

The main missionsÜofÜthe centre isÜto makeÜthe German language popular, to improveÜthe processÜof teachingÜand studyingÜit, to develop partnership between RussiaÜand German speaking countriesÜinÜthe sphereÜof higher education.

The centre’s main activitiesÜare:
  • to deliver coursesÜin German (basic level, advanced level, languageÜfor academicÜand specific purposes) for studentsÜand teachers;
  • to inform aboutÜthe German Government grantsÜfor studentsÜand professionalsÜandÜto supportÜin registration;
  • to hold workshops, master-classesÜand consultations preparing studentsÜfor grant activity;
  • to hold events together with lecturersÜofÜThe Robert Bosch-StiftungÜin orderÜto equip students with practical knowledgeÜinÜthe sphereÜof intercultural communication.

The partners:
  • The German Cultural CentreÜof Goethe-InstitutÜin Moscow;
  • The Robert Bosch-Stiftung;
  • The Russian UnionÜof Germanists;
  • The scientific unionÜof applied linguistics.


Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya street 1, building 2, room 217,
Udmurt Republic,
Tel.: + 7Ü(3412) 916162
Fax: + 7Ü(3412) 916159
E-mail: cnyak@mail.ru
Website: http://v4.udsu.ru/inter/cnyak

The directorÜofÜthe CentreÜ- Ludmila Yushkova

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