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About UdSU

Time-proven academic excellence

We would be happy to welcome you at Udmurt State University, the leading higher education institution of Udmurtia. Over 85 years of academic excellence and research experience made a great basis to develop into dynamic and innovative University recognizing classical approaches to higher education training.

Описание новой картинки

Warm welcome

International scholars and students of UdSU make significant contributions to campus learning, community diversity, research, cultural experience and global partnerships necessary for advancement through the 21st century. Should you decide on coming to UdSU, we are glad to assure you that you play an important role to creative and cross-cultural exchange and communication that defines the UdSU campus.

Unique location to explore

Here you will have a unique chance to combine the high-quality academic experience with immersion into a multicultural Udmurt Region community.

Описание новой картинки

Flexible courses

We are really flexible and supportive offering programmes and facilities that will fit your personal learning and research track.

Описание новой картинки

On-Campus Accommodation guaranteed

Incoming international students and scholars are provided with On-Campus Housing opportunity: double rooms in a comfortable dormitory with reasonable accomodation fees.

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